Our Cattery

Our Cattery is actually just our home located in a suburban area in Perth.  We have a cattery license from our local council which allows us to have more than the normal number of cats.  They do an annual visit to check over our facilities and monitor the number of cats we keep.  We have also purchased an acre of land a little further south and plan to build a new home with more facilities for our cats.

Outside view of Cuddleton British Shorthairs Perth Western Australia

Outside enclosures

We have several large cat enclosures on our patio for the cats to spend the day in.  They have toys and scratchers as well as a popular viewing perch.  Each has a comfy house for sleeping in and locks for added security when we are not home.  They look out over our garden which has recently been re-landscaped.  We hope to add more plants that will attract birds for the cats to watch.



British Shorthair Pen Cuddleton British Shorthairs Perth Western Australia

Viewing perch and little house

Rickie and Twinkie are currently staying outside in the big stud run.  They love it and are very happy together.  We spend quite a bit of time with them giving them pats and attention.  Jackie has also spent time in the big stud run.  Can you spot him peeking out in the picture below?




Outside stud cat run Cuddleton British Shorthairs Perth Western Australia

Can you spot Jackie in his run?

This is Jackie in his old run that now belongs to Henry and Rickie.  Jackie has a smaller run as he is only outside during the day.  He likes to laze on his trampoline bed and snooze all day.  At night he comes inside because he likes to yodel to the ladies.  Once inside he gets about in stud pants.  These are very cute little underpants that stop him spraying inside the house.




Blue and Fawn Bicolour British Shorthairs Perth Western Australia

Henry and Rickie, Best friends!

It is a little uncommon for two stud boys to live together.  Rickie couldn't live with Jackie as Jackie is quite a manly cat and tended to dominate Rickie who is younger.  When Henry arrived he lived in a run next to Rickie and the seemed to get along well.  We tried them together in the hope they could live in the same run and were delighted to find they became very close.

They tend to use each other as a pillow and so far have never had any sort of fight.  Things may change as they get older but for now we are really enjoy our two lovely boys keeping each other company.

Blue and Fawn Bicolour British Shorthairs Perth Western Australia Blue and Fawn Bicolour British Shorthairs Perth Western Australia


Jackie in his studpants

When we go to bed Jackie goes to sleep in his own little cat bedroom which is a large double decker cage.  We have several different inside cages and he he seems to like to be in the "top bunk" where he can look out at what goes on.  We also use them to keep our cats separate when they get a little fed up with each other or if they are a little unwell.  They don't mind being caged one bit.  I have often searched our house high and low for someone to find them asleep in their bedroom with the door wide open.

When he is in the house he wears stud pants.  Rickie does too.  It means they can have some inside time as entire male cats spray.

Blue and White British Shorthair in stud pants Perth Western Australia

Cuddleton Miss Susannah models her mobile kitty room

Our mummy cats have their babies in pens like these in a quiet bedroom.  Later when the babies are older and are vaccinated they have the run of the house to get them as socialised as possible.

Blue British Shorthair Female Cuddleton British Shorthairs Perth Western Australia

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