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Occasionally we have adult British Shorthairs available for adoption. This may be cats we have retired from breeding, cats returned to us or now and then a special rescue cat. All are looking for a caring, patient home were they can be loved and cared for.

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The two tabby boys
Sex: Male
Colour: Brown Tabby

These two beautiful boys were part of a group of 23 British Shorthair and Scottish Fold cats abandoned by their breeder to a rescue group in Bunbury. Crammed all together into cat boxes they were driven for several hours before being left with the carer who was only expecting four or five cats. Desperate for help she contacted us and we arranged to help with getting the poor cats homes.

The cats were bought up to Perth and with the help from wonderful friends and lovely strangers we desexed, vaccinated and rehomed them one by one.

The tabby boys were very dirty, unwell and thin when we got them. They were terrified of people.  We decided to keep them until we could get the ready for a new home.  Several months of patient love, care, good food and medical treatment and the change is amazing.

Mr Tabby loves pats and cuddles. He purrs and purrs plus he loves to have his tummy rubbed. His coat is glossy and he is no longer skinny.  Shyby had tummy problems for a lot longer than his brother. He has taken longer to get his weight up but his coat is glowing now. He is still a little shy but he now accepts pats and has finally found his purr!

The two boys love each other and sleep snuggled together. We want them to be adopted as a pair because they are so close. Mr Tabby will be a wonderful pet cat who is inquisitive and friendly. Mr Shyby is a lovely companion for his more outgoing brother. We think he will come out of his shell more and more in the right home.

If you are interested in these two beautiful cats they are ready to go now to the right home. We are only asking a small adoption fee for them. They need to be adopted as a pair into a quiet home where they will be kept inside. They are not used to large spaces so will need to start off in a small room in your home till they are ready for larger areas.

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