All about your Cuddleton British Shorthair

Your Kittens Name

All Cuddleton British Shorthairs are named following a simple naming convention. Each must first have our prefix, Cuddleton. This is then followed by a male or female title depending on who the mummy cat is. Lastly the kitty gets a posh name to suit a British Shorthair cat!

For example, Rosie's kittens are called Lord and Lady while Suzy's babies are called Sir and Madam.

Keeping your Cuddleton Inside

British Shorthair's are dumpy and not super active especially once they get a bit older. Tey don't need loads of exercise and are quite happy living inside.

We have actually never let any of our British Shorthairs out of the house except to be carried to runs on our patio.  The great thing is that none have ever shown any interest in going outside. They will sit by the door and look out but the moment I come inside they follow me into the house.

So we ask that Cuddleton's are kept inside or in an outdoor enclosure. That way they can't be So we ask that Cuddleton's are kept inside or in an outdoor enclosure. That way they can't be run over or stolen and they are not at risk from diseases such as FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) which they can catch if they fight with other cats. It also stops them killing wildlife.

We do have our studs in outside enclosures and these are a great way to give your cats some fresh air.  They enjoy just sitting on the shelf or on a comfy scratching pole watching the birds.  I have seen our Jackie sort of snicker and get excited by them but he never cries to get out to catch them. Once they fly away he settles down for some quality sleeping! Cuddletons will be desexed before they leave home. I believe firmly in early desexing and do not sell entire cats as pets or otherwise. The cost of desexing is included in the price of your kitten.


Your Cuddleton British Shorthair will be microchipped at the same time as they are desexed. I will supply the microchip registry with my information initially so that your kitten is fully traceable. You can then change the details to your own or move the chip information to another registry.

I am happy for you to leave my details as a second contact on the register to help make sure your kitty always makes it's way home should it get lost.


Your Cuddleton British Shorthair will be registered with the Feline Control Council Of Western Australia (FCCWA).  Should you wish to show your cat please talk to us about registration transfer.

You should check with your local council to see if they have any special requirements for cat owners in your area.


All Cuddleton British Shorthairs come with six weeks insurance cover.  You will be given a cover note number to take home with you when you collect your kitten.  We strongly recommend continuing the cover for your own piece of mind.

Medical issues you should be aware of

We strongly urge any one considering the purchase of a new kitten to research some of the health issues that can affect cats.  One of the more serious issues that we are seeing today is FIP which is a fatal condition caused by the mutation of a common virus that most cats are exposed to. 

For information on FIP as well as other common feline diseases we recomend you visit the following site

Other Pets

Your Cuddleton British Shorthair has been well socialised and introduced to other cats in our household but they may still be frightened when introduced to your existing cats or dogs. We don't have any dogs so they will be very unfamiliar to your kitty and you will need to be very patient.

There is an excellent article on the FABCats site Introducing your cat to other cats and dogs with lots of great advice.


Your kitten will be fully wormed when you take it home. Cats need regular worming and the Cuddleton's are all wormed every three months. I use an all wormer called Ambex.

It is very similar to Drontal Allwormer which is also very good. The Ambex is a lot cheaper and available online at VetnPet Direct and Vet Shed.


Flea Control

We have not had a single flea in the eight or so years we have lived in our current house. We did have them at a previous house when we just had two cats so we know how awful and annoying they can be. Frontline Plus Cat

In the past we have used frontline which is applied behind the cats neck. Please follow the instructions to the letter as incorrectly applied flea control can harm your pets.

We have also used flea bombs in the house before but again, read and follow the instructions carefully.

Frontline is available from your vets or online at VetnPet Direct and Vet Shed.


 At Cuddleton British Shorthairs we vaccinate against Feline Panleucopaenia (Feline Parvovirus), Feline Rhinotracheitis and Feline Calicivirus infections using either CompanionF3 or Fevac3.

Your kitten will be vaccinated twice with us and then require a booster shot at sixteen weeks with you. Your kitty will have a vaccination card listing when it was vaccinated and wormed.


Showing Your Cuddleton

Showing your cat is a lot of fun. We attend every cat show we can and our cats really love to show off for the judges. If you are interested in showing we can do our best to provide you with a show quality kitten that can be shown in the neuter classes (desexed).

Why not have a look at our guide to showing?


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