British Shorthair Cat Club

The British Shorthair Cat Club is a Western Australian Cat Club affiliated with CatsWA. Formed in April 2012 the club holds an annual cat show for all breeds with a specialty ring for British Shorthairs.

Held annually in September the British Shorthair Cat Club show is a highlight of the WA Cat Fancy show calendar with interesting judges, colourful rosettes and great prizes. Generous sponsors Royal Canin and Oz-Pet provide the prizes for the show. The show is held in Byford which is south of Perth.

The club has a facebook page which is kept updated with show news and photos.



Here are some products we recommend that can be purchased from Amazon. As an Amazon affiliate your purchase helps support the club.

For Pet Owners

These cat scratch mats are cheap and cats love them. The cardboard is very attractive to them. The price means you can replace them when they look a bit tatty and being cardboard you can recycle them. They can be a bit messy if your cat really goes to town.

This mat is a bit bigger and made for sitting on as well as scratching.

For Breeding

This is a fantastic bowl that helps keeps ants at bay when you have cats that live in outside runs and enclosures. We bought two after trying dishes with water moats, trays of water and oil. To be honest we didn't think they would beat the big black ants but the reviews were so good we thought they were worth a try. Success! They are big so even your studs have plenty of room to eat from them easily and they wash up fine in the dishwasher. We now have eight!! In twelve months ants have only got into the food about three times.

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