Our Companions & Retirees

Cyclard Jack Flash

Blue Bicolour British Shorthair

Hello Mr Handsome!!  Meet Cyclard Jack Flash, our wonderful retired bicolour stud boy.

Known as Jackie our special boy is an absolute joy to own.  He is very smoochy and loves a cuddle.  He reminds us of a real live teddy bear!

He has done amazingly well on the show bench as an adult with many Supreme in Show placings.

Jackie is also quite the traveller.  He has been to every state in Australia for National Shows except the Northern Territory, some twice.  He is such a wonderful, placid boy and being able to travel with him shows what a wonderful nature he has.

He has had great success at the ACF and CCCA National shows with several top ten placings including a Best Group Three Adult. Jackie will still go to shows now he is retirred but he will be shown in the desexed class.

We are just delighted with his progress and could not be happier with him.  His babies are adorable with lovely temperaments. We have two of his sons, Bentley and Teddy plus his daughter Blitty to carry on where he left off.

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Cuddleton Miss Susannah

Blue British Shorthair

Suzy, blue British Shorthair

This cutie is our first queen born under our Cuddleton prefix.

Suzy is a sweetheart with a lovely nature. She has stunning eyes and a cheeky face.  Her coat is beautiful, short and plush.  After a very succesful show career in the entire class she is doing very well as a desexed at show and has placed quite highly including a reserve in show.

We are very proud of her.  Her kittens were just adorable but unfortunately she tended to like to have boy kittens so we dont have any of her babies to be breeding forward from.

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Esden Rosie of Cuddleton

Lilac British Shorthair

Rosie, lilac british shorthair

Rosie was born in Queensland and came to live with us when she was about a year old.

She is a gorgeous girl with a lovely, chirpy meow.  With stunning eyes and a sweet expression she has given us the most friendly and happy kittens.

Rosie has made a wonderful contribution to our kitty family.  She is Katie, Penny and Rickie's mum.

We got so much more than we could have hoped for when Rosie came to live with us. She is behind a lot of our cats and has made a great contribution to the Cuddleton prefix. 

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Catbalu Cinnamon Cinders of Cuddleton (Imp UK)

Black British Shorthair (carries cinnamon)

Cindy, black british shorthair

Cindy is a gorgeous, sassy girl.  She travelled all the way from the UK when she was just a baby to come and live with us.  Her travelling companion was our fawn bicolour boy Henry.  Together they were the very first British Shorthairs with the cinnamon gene registered in Australia.

Cindy was also our very first non-dilute British Shorthair.  This means we could breed in black, chocolate and cinnamon as well as blue, lilac and fawn. 

She has short stubby legs and is inky black with amazing round, copper eyes.  Her babies have wonderful personalities.

She is a very special girl indeed!

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Cuddleton Lord Richard

Blue British Shorthair

Ricky is the smoochiest boy with a gorgeous plush yet crisp coat and deep orange eyes.

Ricky had a short but successfull show career.  He has given us some lovely babies with great temprements including blues, blacks, chocolates and lilacs

We call him the love sponge because he will soak up all the love you want to give him.  Many people have come to take home a new kitten and asked to take him instead.  His lovely temperament and playful nature is very hard to resist.

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Catbalu Cuddleton (Imp UK)

Fawn Bicolour British Shorthair

Henry is a very special boy.  He came to us all the way from the UK to be the first ever fawn British Shorthair in Australia.  The first thing we noticed about him was his feet!  They are huge and we predicted he would be a big boy if they were anything to go by. We guessed correctly, he is very, very big!

Now in his retirement he is a big softy and a really lovely cat.  He is smoochy and fun and has such a bright, happy face.  He came to us with our black kitty Cindy and although both are now retired they are behind all of our cinnamon breeding.


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Blue British Shorthair

This is our foundation queen.  We call her Poppy and it is a name that suits her well.  Poppy only ever had one litter for us.  She wasn't cut out to be a breeding girl.  Her type is so-so but everyone has to start somewhere.  She makes up for her lack of coat and eye colour with personality plus.

Poppy is a little scamp with a fetish for doors and wine corks. She loves her good morning cuddles and being carried like a baby.  Poppy is fascinated with water and likes to stand in the shower recess snapping at the water droplets.

Poppy has now retired from breeding and is doing just what she loves best, ruling the house.  She loves to come see us in the mornings for cuddles, play fighting with her daughter Suzy and laying on the exact spot on the couch where you plan to sit.

Poppy is a much loved, spoilt pet.  We would not part with her for the world.  She will spend her days lazing on the bed and wrapping herself around my feet as I wash the dishes.

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Baleaburra Chintz Twinkle Toes

Blue Tortie British Shorthair

Twinkie was bred by Betty Munro of Baleaburra British Shorthairs.  Twinkie comes from a long and exceptional line of cats and is the culmination of years of hard work and love on Betty's part.

Twinkie has retired from breeding and is now a little bit fat!  She is a funny girl with lots of naughty tortie attitude.  Twinkie loves to sleep on our bed and still makes the occasional outing to show here and there.

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Silver Distinguished Companion Cat

Miss Little Minky

Minky is our gorgeous, nine year old companion cat. She came to live with us when she was about a year old and we adore her.

When she was a tiny little kitten she walked straight into my Nanna's house, sniffed the dogs and decided that was home. Nanna and her partner kept her and she was became Bob's cat, sleeping on his lap and rubbing around his feet all the time.

I was reluctant to get another cat as I was still upset about Pippen but mum worked on me until I gave in.

I went to collect this cat that mum was raving about and my goodness, she was all tail!! She rolled all over the floor saying look at me, I am so pretty and I was instantly in love. I wanted to call her FooFoo but on the drive home she somehow became Minky.

When I started to show Poppy I felt Minky was being left out so decided to bring her too. I named her Miss Little Minky as Poppy had a posh name and I thought Minky needed one as well.

She was just a pretty cat to me but the judges love her! I think it is because of her striking calico colours, beautiful long coat and pretty, pretty face.

She is a little (okay a lot) over weight but when one judge said, your are fat but I love you and gave her third prize I knew she was our special girl.


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