Happy Memories


Pookie was the best cat ever.  He was a constant companion, slow and reliable and always there.  He was a fat boy which meant more to cuddle and he loved to stretch out on the bed and hog the blankets.

Pookie had a purr so loud it could wake you from a deep sleep.  He was adamant that the sun rising mean he should be fed even if he had to claw the bed apart to prove it.

Pookie came from the Cat Haven in Shenton Park.  I wanted a young "grey" cat but all the cute ones were reserved.  I was just about to give up when a nice lady volunteer said why not have a look at this boy.  He was older and slow, not young and frisky like I wanted.  I decided why not and went into his pen. 

All it took was one cuddle.  He started to purr and I was in love.  He was thin when I adopted him so I fed him up and then some.  He weighed in at seven kilos at his chunkiest.  He was a whole lotta man cat and I loved him to bits.

In his later years he suffered a dramatic weight loss and terrible teeth.  Our vet diagnosed FIV and we nursed him for a few precious months before we let him go.

It really is an awful disease and it is the main reason we insist that Cuddleton's are kept inside.  It broke my heart to loose him earlier than we should have.


I stole Pippen. She came up to my at the front of my ex-boyfriend's mum's house and we thought she was a kitten. We tried to shoo her back across the road to who we assumed were her owners but she was determined to stay where I was purring so, so loudly.

She was so small and we could see fleas crawling over her nose and around her eyes. I scooped her up and jumped in the car because I couldn't leave her like that.

So we took her home and put flea treatment on her. It looked like pepper on the windowsill the next day. I took her to the vet and told him I had rescued a kitten. He told me I had rescued a cat!

He said she had a 50/50 chance of making it. She looked up at me with her big round eyes and purred as loud as she could. How could I resist her?

She was old and over bred with fur so matted and poopy at her back end that the vet had to shave her to see if she was a she. She had a splayed walk and very little social skills. She was never desexed, probably just bred till she no longer came into season, kept caged without contact with people.

I loved her and gave her everything she needed. She was annoying with her yowling and pooping where she shouldn't. She never acknowledged I existed except to stare at me in the shower and once, only once, smooch up to my face while I was sunbaking. It was a very special moment for me and I will treasure it always.

She hated to be brushed but loved to be bathed and had no front teeth so her little pink tongue was mostly on display, (there was nothing to hold them back).

We lost her to thyroid and liver problems with blindness setting in in the last few months. We estimated she was between 17-21 years old.

RIP my precious little Pippen, we did all we could for you my precious baby girl.

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