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[21-Sep-08] — Kittens are on the way!

We have confirmned that two of our girls are pregnant with kittens due in early November. 

Cindy, our black girl from the UK, is having her first litter which is very exciting.  The daddy is our bicolour boy Jackie.  We can get blues, blacks, blue and whites and black and whites from this match so it will be interesting to see what arrives. 

Our lilac girl Rosie is due at the same time and she is having kittens to Henry who is our fawn and white UK boy.  She will have lilacs and lilacs and whites. 

Stay tuned for more news including kitten arrivals.


[31-Aug-08] — The boys will be at the Perth Royal Show

Jackie and Henry will be at the royal this year so if you are going pop into the cat pavillion and come find us.

They will be in judged on the Sunday then if they do well they will be called back for the final judging on Monday (public holiday).  The judging happens in the morning then the public are allowed in around lunch time.  

If you can make it just ask someone in a white coat to find me or if I am not there they can show you where the British Shorthairs are.  

Wish the boys luck!!!


PS Click here to see the great cat scratcher bargains in the pet supplies section at deals direct.  We just bought a great one for one of our girls that lives with Damien's mum & dad and she loves it!

[27-May-08] — Suzy with her babies

This is a really cute video of Suzy sharing some special time with her tubby babies.

[15-May-08] — We have lilac kittens!

Our very first litter of lilac kittens has been born.  They are extra special as the daddy is our fawn and white boy from the UK.  This means all of the babies carry the cinnamon gene which makes them the first Australian bred British Shorthairs to do so.

Mum Rosie delivered five kittens, four solid lilac and one lilac and white bicolour.The kittens are a gorgeous, warm shade of lilac.  It is a really pretty colour.

There are pictures of the babies on our available page.  They are litter number 9.   They will be available to adopt when they are twelve to fourteen weeks old. 


[03-May-08] — Jackie's big brother is in the news

Our gorgeous boy Double Emerald Grand Champion Cyclard Jack Flash now has a famous brother.  Rockling is a year older than Jackie and lives in Melbourne with their other sibling Otto. 

Rockling has been featured in a news article by A Current Affair on cats and curfews being imposed by local councils.  He looks very handsome showing off his special walking leash. 

You can view the article here

[02-May-08] — Cuddleton British Shorthair Kittens Available

We have kittens!!  We are taking deposits now for Suzy and Rickie's babies as well as Katie and Jackie's babies. 

Suzy has two blue girls and one blue boy still available.  Her litter was born on the 28th of March and will be ready for adoption around the middle of June.  Suzy is a Diamond Grand Champion and Rickie is a Champion.  Pictures will be online soon. 

Katie has had her babies too.  All are still available.  She has two bicolour males and two blue females.  Katie is a Champion and Jackie has just earnt his Double Emerald Grand Champion title.  These babies were born on the 17th of April and will be ready for adoption around the begining of July.

Rosie is due to have her kittens on the 14th of May to our fawn bicolour boy Henry.  They will be all lilac or lilac bicolours which is very exciting. 

If you are interested in any of these babies please complete our kitten enquiry form.  If you have already done so just drop me an email.

Pictures of the babies will be on our website soon.

Best wishes


[03-Mar-08] — Jackie's Supreme in Show

Our beautiful boy Double Ruby Grand Champion Cyclard Jack Flash won Supreme in Show in ring two at the Feline All Breeds Show in Perth last Sunday. 

It was a great day out for the cats with five entered.  We took our blues, Katie and Rickie plus Jackie and our to new imports Henry and Cindy.

Our full results were.

Ring 1
Best British or Scottish Shorthair Entire Adult - Jackie

Ring 2
Reserve British or Scottish Kitten - Cindy
Reserve British or Scottish Shorthair Entire Adult - Rickie
Best British or Scottish Shorthair Entire Adult - Jackie
Supreme Exhibit - Jackie

There were 101 entries in the show so Jackie did extremely well to win best in show.  He has also now qualified for Double Emerals Grand Champion.

To see full results and photos of our cats being judged click below

[24-Feb-08] — Suzy is expecting

Diamond Grand Champion Cuddleton Miss Susannah is expecting her second litter to our beautiful blue boy CH Cuddleton Lord Richard (Rickie)

The babies will all be solid blues which might mean we need to mark them with texta to tell who is who!!.  They should be arriving late March. 


[17-Feb-08] — Rickie is a daddy

Our blue boy Cuddleton Lord Richard is a daddy for the first time.  The mummy is Sumibo Tudor Rosebud who was bred and is owned by Suzanne Bolland at Sumibo British Shorthairs.

There are four blue kittens and two lilac kittens.  Rosie is a lilac and Rickie carries chocolate.  Rosie is also Rickie's mum's name which is cute.  Rosie visited with us and was a delightful girl to look after.  She is a total smooch just like Rickie.  The babies should be very sweet. 

To see them and Suzanne's cats visit her website at


[28-Dec-07] — Just the one for Katie
Katie gave birth to just one blue girl on boxing day in 42c heat!! The baby is a fatty and both baby and mum are doing great. The daddy is Jackie.

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