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Australian Cat Federation 2007 National Cat Show Hobart

Hosted by the Cat Association of Tasmania Inc.  - June 10th 2007

The ACF National in Tasmania was too good to miss.  We had wanted to travel to Tasmania for some time and what better way than with our cats.  We booked with a group of friends the moment accommodation was announced and then had six month to look forward to it.  It was a long trip and we had to stop over in Melbourne before travelling on to Hobart.  There was a bit of fuss with getting cats on planes for some but we had booked well in advance and had no trouble.


The two cats that would be strutting their stuff were our lovely Katie (who was still in kitten class) and our handsome Jackie who was still only 18 months old.  Jackie was already a seasoned traveller but we worried about Katie the whole trip over.  We needn't have worried.  She coped just fine even with out flight being delayed and our hire car being mixed up.


They both settled right in and got comfy at the hotel.  We arrived a few days early and went off to see the sites.  On the list of things to do was visit the Cadbury's factory and spend an afternoon with Marlene at the Kandalari cattery.  We fell in love with her gorgeous kitty cats.

The show was a two ring show held at the Royal Showgrounds, Glenorchy, Hobart. It was cold but soon warmed up.  The show had a very welcome feel.  There was twenty four British Shorthairs in the show.

Ring One

Amanda Bright - TICA Canada All Breeds Judge 


Jackie placed Reserve Best British Shorthair and Fifth Best Entire Group Three Cat

Ring Two

Valerie Cashman - ACF Inc. Group 2/3 International Judge


Jackie placed BEST British Shorthair and Reserve to Best Group Three Entire Adult

The Co-ordinating Cat Council of Australia Inc 2007 National Cat Show Melbourne

Hosted by the The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, Australia & Victoria  - July 21st & 22nd 2007

The 2007 CCCofA National promised to be a big deal when it was first announced as a six ring show.  I could not resist the temptation and, despite being in Tasmania for the ACF National the month before, I sent off my entry for Jackie and Suzy hoping they might do well.

The first day started slow as there was a huge vetting line but we got in and set up our cats excited to see how they would do.  The hall was cramped but only because there was more than 550 cats!

There was a lot to see and buy.  They had crate covers and curtains as well as food samples and toys.  I bought curtains and some really great crate covers.

It was really exciting as we go to see and hold some cats that were totally new to us.  There were Australian Mists, Egyption Maus, Ocicats and Sphinxs.  The standard of cats in all the breeds was outstanding.

The judging was very close up which was great and the number of rings meant there were several tables going at once so there was always something to see.  Our WA group three cats did really well.  There were several best in breed rosettes and lot of pretty top ten placing rosettes.

There was a different colour combination for each rings rosettes and they really were very nice.  They cats looked great showing them off on the cages.  We also won glassware, food and cat litter.

Our highlight for the show was when Klaas van der Wijk was judging the very last group three adult ring.  There was seventeen adult open British Shorthairs in the show and Klaas had to pick a top four.

He was very showy and gathered up some spare stewards to bring out four of the cats so he could announce his placings.  I was holding a lovely big blue boy and my bicolour boy Jackie was busy trying to make a nest in another stewards arms.

I was very excited as that meant he was in the top four.

Klaas picked the tortie and white girl as fourth so my heart skipped a little as I realised Jackie could get third.  He then walked over to him and I was beaming, here comes our third place.  He reached out and touched him and said “Today, my FIRST”.  I couldn’t help it.  I started to cry right there in front of everyone.

I managed to restrain myself when the ring was finished and Jackie placed second best out of 95 group three adults.  No tears but lots of smiles.  We came home with the highest placed British Shorthair from WA.           


The show was really well run and we had a great time.

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