National Show 2008

2008 ACF - Gympie, Qld

Well after a slow and tired start (Gympie is in the direction of the Sunshine Coast NOT the Gold Coast!!!) We arrived at the motel and got all settled in. The kitties were just fine and we had a nice dinner "at home" with lots of interesting cat chat. I traveled with Kay Woods (Selkirk Rex) and Jeanne Wheeler (Siberians). Sue Game (Siamese and Orientals) also joined us so we had all three groups represented as we chatted about everything from new colours, cattery flooring options and grooming tips and tricks. We consumed just a little bit of wine../..

The seminar the next day was great. The US judges covered Savannahs and LaPerms. At the end of the LaPerm presentation we were asked if we wanted to hold one and my face must have lit up as Harley De Vilbiss looked straight at me and said I think you do don't you. He gave us a kitten to hold and Kay and Jeanne started planning how to sneak it out with no one looking. Very different and very gorgeous. Anne-Louise from Frission looked on with a proud smile as we all waited for a turn to pat the grown up ones. They were so well behaved.

A very quick discussion on British Shorthairs came later and Harley DeVilbiss raised the issue of how Australian breeders felt about them having a more extreme look. I said what lots of people would have heard from me before, that if I wanted to breed exotics I would and that to me they should still have a resemblance to the cats from which they came. A little bit more discussion ensued about what a lot of breeders like their cats to look like but to me it all comes back to breeding to the standard.

Moving on the to the civic reception on the eve of the show and I had a good chat with Kay and Harley DeVilbiss about the size of parking spaces in Texas and how everything smells like cinnamon when you go shopping just before thanksgiving. I also found out that all this time I had been saying Cymric wrong. It is kimric not simric, whoops.

It was a bit of a challenge to talk to people about cats as the judges for the show were all there. You had to keep checking who you were standing near and tactfully changing subject if someone joined you till you knew what their assignment was. One of the judges that had been to WA this year asked me how my boy was. I assumed she meant Jackie until she said what a pretty colour he was. She was one of several people that asked after Henry so that was really sweet.

So onto show day. The hall was set up really well and we got in and set up then had time to wander around, meet up with friends and check out the competition. Judging started and Kay and I had to race back and forth as we both had a G3 kitten and a G3 adult. She took loads of pics of our cats.

Results! Trixie didn't get any places. She was a bubby compared to her competition but she got some good comments especially about her eyes and her coat texture. There were eight BSh adults and 44 in the whole group. Jackie got a Reserve Best of Breed under Kay De Vilbiss which was wonderful as the cat that got best was his uncle. He went on to get seventh in the group and a fancy rosette.

Next was Harley De Vilbiss who put Jackie Reserve Best of Breed again and then went on to give him fifth in the group and an even lovelier rosette! He breeds BSh so I asked him later what he thought of Jackie. He said his coat let him down as it was soft. I admitted to washing him a bit close to the show and he gave me some great grooming tips. He thought he was white so I was happy with that. He went on to say he liked Jackie's type the best but his coat was just not plush enough and the other cats was much denser. So that was some good feedback.

Greg Little put Jackie Fourth Best of Breed so no fancy rosettes but I was happy with how he had done for the day. The best G3 exhibit for the day was a BSh kitten bred by Julie Mass from Ambritt in Qld. He was a stunning boy and had beaten his own daddy, Jackie's uncle. The Supreme in Show was a lovely Persian kitten. It looked like a cloud plucked from the sky, gorgeous.


We went home tired but got ready for the ACF dinner which was fun. I had a good chat with Heather and her husband from NT who breed BSh. They bought a lovely blue boy to the show who laid out and relaxed on his cushion the whole day. He was super smoochy especially considering how far he had traveled.

We got a bit delayed coming home as the plane was held up but the cats coped really well and Sue and I chatted about kitties most of the way home. I had my rosettes in the top of my handbag to keep them from creasing and one of the stewards delighted in wearing Jackie's biggest one from his pocket while people were getting seated!!! Now I just need to relax then start thinking about going all the way back for the CCCofA in July!!!


2008 CCCofA - Gympie, Qld

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