A Beginners Guide To Showing Your Cat

Before the show fill in the entry form with your cats details and choose the classes you want to compete in, i.e. adult, kitten, neutered etc. You can go in more than one class and there are often subclasses such as born interstate or showed by breeder.

It is best to call the show organizer if you are not sure what to put down on the form.  They will be happy to help because newbies are always welcomed.

Once you have registered all you need to do then is get your stuff together and show up with your kitty.

2006 CCCofA National Show Sydney, Cyclard Jack Flash
I take the following
  • Cat brushes
  • Claw clippers
  • Water & food dishes (everyone had the ones that clip onto birdcages buy normal ones are fine)
  • A small plastic container for litter (a large flat lunchbox from a $2 shop is fine)
  • Some dry food and a water bottle
  • A few toys
  • Cage curtains (find out what size and how to make them from your club or borrow a set from your cats breeder)
  • Something soft for the bottom of the cage
  • Baby wipes for cleanups
  • Freezer brick if it is a warm day  (you can put them in the cage if you need to)
  • Hot water bottle if it is a cold day.  (you can put them in the cage if you need to)

When you arrive you have to have you cat checked over by the vet. They will okay it to be shown.  Then you go to your assigned cage, put your curtains in and then your cat.
When the judging begins you just sit back and watch it all going on. You can order a catalogue when you register for the show.  These are good to see whose cat is whose and it will give you an idea of how the classes work.

The cats are usually grouped into two or three groups ie, long hair, shorthair etc and they compete against each other to be the best in that group. They also compete against the same breed and then against the class of cat i.e. adult, kitten, male, female.

They get to the end of the judging, announce the winners and your done. It can take a while so you may like to take a book and some snacks.  The shows have a canteen where you can buy hot & cold drinks, cakes etc and you will find that, as you meet new people, you will spend a lot of time talking to the other people at the show.

A good way to find out what goes on is to visit a show as the "general public".  For a dollar or two you can view all of the cats and get a feel for what it is like to show your kitty.

Remember, showing is fun, just like owning cats!

Click here to visit the FCCWA website and find out more about showing in WA

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