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About Your

Everything you need to know about your

Cuddleton British Shorthair

Here are the answers to the most common questions people have when they are getting a kitten from me. Find out everything from how they are named to how they get on with other pets.

Your Kittens Name

All Cuddleton British Shorthairs are named following a simple naming convention. Each must first have my prefix, Cuddleton. This is then followed by a male or female title. This depends on who their mother is and her mother going back to when I first bought in that line of girls. Lastly the kitty gets a posh name to suit a British Shorthair cat.

For example, Rosie’s kittens are called Lord and Lady and so are her daughter Penny’s kittens, her granddaughter Sweetie’s kittens and her great granddaughter Charlotte’s kittens. Yamaica’s kittens are called Frau and Hans as she is from Germany. All of Candy’s descendants are Prince and Princesses.

Keeping your Kitten Inside

British Shorthair’s are dumpy and not super active especially once they get a bit older. They don’t need loads of exercise and are quite happy living inside.

I don’t let any of my British Shorthairs out of the house, the cattery or my outdoor enclosures. The great thing is that none have ever shown any interest in going outside. They will sit by the door and look out but dont even bother to try and go out when I open the door.

I ask that Cuddleton’s are kept inside. If you have the space, they can be given access to an outdoor enclosure. That way they can’t be run over or stolen and they are not at risk from diseases such as FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) which they can catch if they fight with other cats. It also stops them killing wildlife which is very important to us.

I do have my studs in outside enclosures and these are a great way to give your cats some fresh air. They enjoy just sitting on the shelf or on a comfy scratching pole watching the birds. I have bandicoots living in the yard that visit and entertain them with their running and digging.

All Cuddletons both adult and kitten, will be desexed before they leave home. I believe firmly in early desexing and do not sell entire cats as pets or otherwise. The cost of desexing is included in the price of your kitten.


Your Cuddleton British Shorthair will be microchipped at the same time as they are desexed. I supply the microchip registry with your details and I put ourselves as the second contact in case they go missing. This way there is always someone who can go get them and keep them safe if you cant be contacted. You can change the details online if you move or get new contact information.


Your Cuddleton British Shorthair will be registered with Cats United WA (CUWA) and you will be given a copy of your cats registered pedigree. Your council will also require registration in WA and some other states. For this you will need a desexing certificate which I will supply from my vets.

Insurance for your kitton

All Cuddleton British Shorthairs come with six weeks insurance cover. You will be sent information from PetCover when you collect your kitten from us. I strongly recommend continuing the cover for your own piece of mind or having access to funds or a credit card should you have any large vet bills in the future.

Kittens are most susceptible to illness such as FIP when they are young. This is also the time they are most likely to injure themselves falling or jumping, eating something they shouldn’t etc. I urge you to consider insurance cover during this time to cover major vet bills should they arise.

Your Kitten & Other Pets

Your Cuddleton British Shorthair has been well socialised and introduced to other cats in my household but they may still be frightened when introduced to your existing cats or dogs. I don’t have any dogs so they will be very unfamiliar to your kitty and you will need to be very patient as they adjust. I have had many Cuddletons go to live with dogs though and they have been able to become great friends.

Please contact us for more advice about introducing pets to your new kitten if you have any concerns.


I have my vets do two F5 vaccinations before your Cuddleton British Shorthair goes home with you. They will then need to be vaccinated again in a years time from the last vaccination.

Showing Your Cuddleton

Showing your cat is a lot of fun. I attend every cat show I can and my cats really love to show off for the judges. If you are interested in showing I can do my best to provide you with a show quality kitten that can be shown in the neuter classes (desexed) but any of my cats can be shown. If they have a show fault they are still able to be shown in the pet cat classes.

Why not have a look at Cats United WA’s guide to showing?

Cuddleton British Shorthairs