Show Results - Cats United WA Show - 10th August 2019

Posted by Pamela Lanigan on

Great Cats United WA show yesterday! Had a really fun time. Thank you to everyone that came by. I hope I had a chance to say hello and that you got to see the big boys and the babies. Here are our amazing results and check out the prizes! So much and it was only two rings so well done CUWA on getting such fabulous sponsorship.

Ring One - Kaii Du Plessis

Herbert - Best Entire Group 3, Best Group 3 Exhibit, Supreme Exhibit in Ring (check out the HUGE trophy from Kaii.)
Ralphie - Reserve Group 3 Entire
Bernard - Peoples Choice
Celeste - nice comments lol.

Ring Two - Chris Merrit

Herbert - Reserve Group 3 Entire
Ralphie - Best Group 3 Entire
Bernard - Fourth Best Group 3 Kitten
Celeste - nice comments again lol.

Thank you so much to sponsors Oz-Pet Litter, Ivory Coat, Orivet, Wombaroo Passwell and Evolution Animal Care.