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The British Shorthair Breed Standard

The Standard by which we judge the British Shorthair Breed

You may have heard breeders mention the British Shorthair Breed Standard. What is it? We are members of Cats United WA (CUWA) who are affiliated with the Co-ordinating Cat Council of Australia (CCCA).  This means we follow the CCCA standard for the British Shorthair. 

The standard is a written description that is used by judges at cat shows.  At a show, judges have to judge different cats of different colour, sex, age and breed against one another.  To do that the judge looks at how close each cat is to the written breed standard description for their breed. The the cat closest to its standard is the winner, next closest second etc etc.

This is how a judge can compare a male cat to a female kitten or a longhair cat to a shorthair cat.  

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