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Conditions Of Sale

What we will agree to if you adopt a Cuddleton kitten

As British Shorthair breeders I feel a strong sense of responsibility for every kitten that my cats bring into the world.  I want them to have the same quality of life with their new owner as they would have in my own home.  To ensure this is the case I ask everyone who adopts a Cuddleton British Shorthair to sign my sale contract outlining out conditions of sale when they pick up their kitten.

The two biggest things to be aware of are that my kittens are to be kept as inside cats and that should you not want them or be able to keep them for any reason they are to be returned to us so that I can find them a new suitable home.

Conditions of Sale

* The buyer accepts the responsibility of caring for this Cuddleton and providing properly for its welfare. The buyer agrees to follow my instructions on care, housing, diet, treatment and health including vaccination.

*The buyer agrees that this Cuddleton will always receive prompt, quality medical care, and will be correctly treated so as to prevent internal and external parasites.

*The buyer agrees to provide a generous amount of fun and exercise for this Cuddleton, to provide it with toys, and all the love it needs.

*The buyer agrees never to allow this Cuddleton outdoors except into a suitable enclosure for its health and safety.

*The buyer agrees that this Cuddleton will never be sold, leased or given to any pet shop, animal shelter, or similar facility.

*The buyer agrees if any of the above terms are disregarded, that I may reclaim this Cuddleton without a refund of the purchase price.

*The buyer will return the Cuddleton to us at any time should they no longer want the cat/kitten or no longer be able to care for it. I will always take any Cuddleton back at any time no questions asked.


Your new family member has undergone two veterinary health checks and comes to you vaccinated twice. There is a 14-day Health Guarantee period to which conditions apply:

*If the kitten exhibits any signs of ill health within the 14-day Health Guarantee Period please notify us immediately.

*A feeding regime is included within the kitten kit – please feed your kitten following the guidelines stringently.

*Should the kitten be diagnosed to have contracted any serious disease or as having a congenital illness likely to affect its life expectancy within the 14 day health guarantee period, I will offer the following options at my discretion:

– I will take back the kitten and reimburse the purchase price in full

– I will supply a replacement kitten free of charge (subject to availability)

This 14-day from purchase Health Guarantee does not cover misadventure or accidents or any genetic health problems that may appear later in life. Whilst I have taken all steps to breed genetically sound cats it is possible that things I cannot test for may appear. If your Cuddleton is found to have a genetic problem later in life I ask that you contact us as it can help us with future breeding decisions.

I genuinely care about your Cuddleton and would like to help offer support if I can.