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Cuddleton Boys

Meet My Handsome

Male Stud Cats

Say hello to the Cuddleton Boys. As a breeder of British Shorthairs in a lot of colours I have needed to keep more male stud cats than the average breeder. I am very focused on giving them the very best life I can.

I have shared a lot of videos about how I keep my stud cats on my Cat Breeding For Beginners YouTube channel if you are keen to know more. I have also created a course for new breeders with everything you need to know about stud cats on my Cat Breeding For Beginners website.

Silver ACF AOE, ACF National Champion, Supreme Champion & Double Gold Grand Champion

Ambritt Here Comes Ralphie


Ralphie joined us as a kitten all the way from Queensland. He is the best fun. He loves to smooch and smooch and smooch. I just love him. He is a super polite stud boy and a pleasure to take to shows.

Ralphie has won many Supreme exhibit awards at local shows and he has placed well at Nationals including finalling as best Group 3 Entire Cat in Show at the 2018 ACF National.

My big beautiful boy gives me gorgeous British Shorthair kittens with fun personalities.

Ambritt Here Comes Ralphie


Quido Honey Pie (Imp CZ)


Quimby is a special boy. He traveled all the way from his wonderful breeders home in the Czech Republic to Perth to join me.

He is a cinnamon and white bicolour and he has a really cheeky personality. Quimby has a nice plush coat with that fabulous warm cinnamon colouring. He has been to shows but he likes the ladies too much and pees a lot so now he stays home instead.

His British Shorthair kittens have been delightful with a good mix of his mischievous nature and sweet attitude. We are very grateful to Misicka Mamicka from Honeypie Cattery for sending him to us.

Quido Honey Pie (Imp CZ)

ACF AOE & Diamond Grand Champion

Cuddleton Baron Herbert


Herbert is just wonderful. He has a great personality, is a very well behaved stud cat and he really knows how to work it on the show bench. At only one year old he won all four Supreme Exhibit awards in a four ring show. Go Herbert!

Herbert has gorgeous kittens that are big and beefy with fun characters. Lots of personality and attitude just like him.

Cuddleton Duke Bernard


Bernard is so much of the things I love all in one cat. He takes after his parents but also his grandfather our amazing boy Cuddleton Lord Wallace and his great grandfather Cyclard Jack Flash. Two wonderful boys who are sadly no longer with us.

Bernard has given us lovely, friendly kittens. He is a good boy and lived with Wallace for some time before he passed. He currently lives with our up and coming stud cats which is great as he really has never liked living on his own.

Up and Coming Cuddleton Boys

Cuddleton Prince Reginald & Cuddleton Herr Gunther


These two are fabulous boys. Reggie is a beautiful rich cinnamon. Thank you to Bree at Chariotoffreya who bred his mum and Troy at Cocatrolis who owns his father. Gunther is a really happy and fun cat who has German and Australian lines behind him.