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Cuddleton Girls

Meet My Beautiful

Female Breeding Cats

Say hello to the Cuddleton Girls. I love my lady cats. They are all very special to me. Breeding Queens can sometimes be valued for the kittens they produce but I feel they are so much more than that. I see them all as pet girls that are just going to have some litters before going on to live a spoilt life. Temperament is a big part of my breeding and a friendly, happy mum makes for friendly happy kittens.

I have shared a lot of videos about how I keep my breeding cats on my Cat Breeding For Beginners YouTube channel if you are keen to know more. If you are interested in breeding cats check out my Cat Breeding For Beginners website.

Crystal Flames Yamaica Of Cuddleton (IMP GER)


Yamaica is a really special cat to us.  She was a gift to myself to help mend a broken heart after I lost a dear friend.  Yammy was the first cinnamon tortie and white British Shorthair cat in Australia.

Yammy came to us from her wonderful breeder Karin from Crystal Flames Cattery in Germany.  She has the most sweet and gentle temperament.  She loves to play and hang out with the other cats.  Yammy has had wonderful kittens just as sweet and cheeky as their mother.

I now have her great grandkittens. Such a great contribution from such a great cat. 

Cuddleton Frau Mila


Mila is a real stunner. Those eyes, wow. She is from our German girl Yammy and our big blue boy Herbert.

Mila has had some really lovely, friendly and chunky kittens. She is a really delightful cat with a friendly and easy going nature like her mum and dad.

Cuddleton Lady Sophie


Notice anything special about Sophie? She is my pirate kitty! Sophie had a congenital (not genetic) tumour in her eye from birth. We had it removed as it was unlikely she could see from that eye which was also smaller than it was meant to be. Taking it out meant no chance of complications for her later.

She is absolutely perfect in every other way. Amazing temperament, lots of fun, happy with other cats and just a real pleasure to own. She has passed that on to her kittens which brings me joy.

Cuddleton Baroness Jessica


Jessie is a classic British Shorthair. Blue, plush and dumpy. She is all muscle though as she LOVES to run on a cat wheel, one of only a few of my cats that will. She loves it and when people come over she likes to go on it and run hard to show off.

She is sweet and gentle and I think she will have some lovely kittens. She has been to shows and has done really well for such a young female.

Cuddleton Frau Annika


Annie is still only a kitten but she is looking really chocolatey and delicious. She is a tortie and the daughter of Mila and Ralphie. Her nature is very gentle and casual but with a big dose of mischief on the side.

It’s going to be a little while before she has any kittens but I can see a lot of potential in her.

Cuddleton Princess Edith


Edith is beyond friendly. She is a really cuddly and smoochy girl. A classic “British Blue” with a very nice coat and great type. Thank you to Bree at Chariotoffreya who bred her mum and Troy at Cocatrolis who owns her father.

She wont have kittens for some time but it is exciting to think of what’s to come.