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Happy Memories

Cats and Kittens I have loved

Breeding cats brings me great joy but with all the love comes a big dose of sadness. So many of my much loved cats have passed on. Some were taken too young and some made it to a great age. Each and everyone lives on in my heart.

Here are some of the cats that had a big impact on my breeding and on me. There are many others. All just as loved. Some I just can’t bear to see again just yet. I guess that is a sign of how much I really do love them all.

Britz Pussy Willow


My grumpy, fluffy old girl made it to nearly nineteen years old. I cant tell you the pain of saying goodbye to such a wonderful cat.

She was my first British Shorthair and the reason for every other cat or kitten that came after. Poppy had just the one litter for me before retiring to a pet life. She was willful, naughty, cranky and oh so LOVED.

If you have a Cuddleton or want to adopt one you need to whisper thank you to this special girl. She is no longer here with me but will always be in my heart.

Esden Rosie


My beautiful Rosie. She made such a huge contribution to my breeding. It was not a shock to lose her at seventeen but it was somehow just as hard as it being sudden. Seeing her decline, wanting her to stay with us but also to be free at the same time was a huge struggle.
To anyone with a Cuddleton please thank this beautiful girl. She is almost certainly in your cats pedigree and if not she was still a huge part of how I got started and why I still breed today.
She was mother to Rickie, Katie and Penny, grandma to Wallace and Bentley. So many beautiful cats with a little part of her to take forward.
My beautiful girl. I can still hear your purr and feel your fur.

ACF AOE, Australian National Champion, CCCA National Show Champion, Triple Diamond Grand Champion & Silver Grand Champion

Cyclard Jack Flash


I miss this boy so much. He was an amazing cat. Jackie was my first stud cat and my first show boy. He won many local Supreme All Breeds awards and he went to National Shows in every Australian state including Tasmania.
His top award was a Best Group Three Adult at the CCCA National in 2009. So proud of his long and stellar show history.
He was also a wonderful stud cat to own. Such a loving disposition and some really fabulous kittens and grandkittens.
Special mentions to his stud boy sons Cuddleton Prince Theodore and Cuddleton Lord Wallace. Jackie appears in so many of our kittens pedigrees. He leaves behind a wonderful legacy and very, very cherished memories. I can still hear his purr.