General Information

My name is Pamela and with my partner Damien I breed my beautiful British Shorthair cats from my home south of the river in Perth, Western Australia. I fell in love with the British Shorthair breed a long time ago and I knew I would eventually own my very own British Blue.  I had no idea I would join the cat fancy and start showing my British Shorthairs, breeding kittens and judging them and other breeds too though.  I can't tell you how much joy it brings me and how many wonderful people I have met through my hobby.

The Beginning

It all began after we lost our dear friend Pookie, a grey and white companion cat, to FIV.  It is a terrible disease in cats and the equivalent to AIDS in people. It was a very traumatic time and something I wish no cat owner had to go through.

We still had our big domestic girl Minky who was tested and thankfully negative for the disease. She was showing signs of missing having a furry companion so we decided the time was right to bring a new kitty into our family.

I had always loved the look of the British Shorthair and the casual nature.  Our Pookie was a big grey and white boy so I learned that the grey was called blue and decided that was what I wanted.  A cat to remind me of him but not replcae him.  Unfortunately for me British are seasonal cats breeding only in the warmer months and I was trying to find a kitten in July!

I searched high and low until I found our precious Poppy who was all the way down south in Albany, Western Australia. We waited for her to grow up and be old enough to come live with us. She flew up to meet us and we fell in love at first sight.

Well that was it, I was hooked. We started to show Poppy and then arranged with her breeder to use her as our foundation breeding queen. Poppy lived inside the house with us and her best friend Minky, our Calico 

Poppy British Shorthair

(Tortie & White) longhair companion cat. Minky was a show girl too in the pet cat section at cat shows.  This is open to all cats that are pets. 

In 2005 Poppy had her first litter. She was a very good mummy and all of the babies were plump little puddings.  The daddy was a blue boy. Poppy had flown back to Albany to meet him then flown home to have her babies.

From this litter we kept the very lovely Cuddleton Miss Susannah (Suzy). Suzy is a gorgeous cuddly girl who has a nice plush face and squeaky little purr.   Her sister Penelope went to live with my sister in law and her brother Bono with a lovely couple who spoil him rotten.  So Suzy was our first home grown Cuddleton to be shown and bred.  She made it to Diamond Grand Champion at the age of two.  Not bad for a competitive colour class!

More Kitty Cats

Suzy was then joined by our stunning bicolour stud boy Cyclard Jack Flash (Jackie). They grew up together.  Jackie has done exceptionally well at show as an entire and we are so proud of him. He has took a supreme as a five month old kitten and was second best group three adult in his first grown up show.  He has been interstate to nine Nationals taking some amazing placings including Best Group Three Entire Adult in one ring at the 2009 CCCA National Show.  He has been Supreme several times in local shows too.  Now that he is desexed just like Suzy, he sometimes competes in the desexed class.  Both Suzy and Jackie have high titles as entire and as desexed cats which is very unusual and testament to their long show career of over ten years each. 

Esden Rosie our lilac girl joined us next mated from Qld and gave us two beautiful kittens, Cuddleton Lady Katherine and Cuddleton Lord Richard.  They are blues carrying chocolate and both made it to Champion before their first birthday.  Both are desexed and still with us.  They are gorgoeus, plump cats.

Baleaburra Chintz Twinkle Toes was next to arrive.  She is a beautiful blue tortoiseshell and was bred by Betty Munro.  At 81 Betty had decided to retire from breeding but kept Twinkie entire in the hope that we would keep on breeding the creams.  We jumped at the chance.  She is from Baleaburra McKenna arguably the best cat Betty ever bred and Baleaburra Chintz Sabrina.  They were eight and ten years old respectively so Twinkie had cats in her first and second generation that other cats have in their tenth.  Unfortunately we were never able to breed with her as she had a heart murmur and was diagnosed with HCM.  Twinkie left us heartbroken when her heart failed at twelve years old.  She has motivated us to try to get a DNA study for the disease with the help of the British Shorthair Cat Club.

In 2007 our exciting imported cats arrived into Australia from the UK.  Catbalu

Cuddleton and Catbalu Cinnamon Cinders are the first cinnamon based British Shorthairs in the country.  Henry is a Fawn and white and Cindy a black carrying cinnamon.  From them we have made some exciting progress breeding cinnamon and fawns. They are both now desexed but we have two cinnamon carrying lines from them and with our newer cinnamon lines from Germany and the Czech repulic we are making great progress breeding cinnamons and fawns. 

We have also been extrememly lucky to have adopted not one but three Ambritt British Shorthairs from our great friends Julie and Aaron.  Ralphie joined us first from Qld followed a year later by his niece Kelly.  We then bought over Josie who is related to our boy Wallace from Jackie.  All have amazing looks and temperaments and we are delighted to have them with us. 

Cat Shows

I have been active in my association and at cat shows since Poppy first came to us.  In the years following I have taken on various roles including stewarding, show manager and show secretary.  I was fortunate to be the 2009 CCCA National Show Secretary which was a lot of work but so much fun.  I was also absolutely honoured to have been asked to perform that role again for the 2010 CCCA National being held in conjunction with the World Cat Congress in Melbourne and again in 2015 at the ACF National Show here in Perth.  I have run many, many local shows and stewarded at countless others.

I have qualified as a judge and I am currently an all shorthair judge licensed by my association and on the CCCA panel of judges.  

Our Affiliations

Cuddleton is my breeding prefix and I am registered with the one of the newest cat associations in Australia, Cats United WA.  It is affiliated with CCCA.