How To Clean Up Cat Pee

It's a common question and one we are weirdly in a very special position to answer!!.  Over all the years we have been breeding cats we have had them pee on things they shouldn't.  We also own stud cats who have a unique stronger pee smell and a uniquely stronger drive to pee on things.  So we know a lot of tips and tricks when it comes to dealing with cat urine clean up and cat urine smell.

About Cat Pee / Cat Urine

Cat pee smells more other animals pee because of what it is made up of and how concentrated it is.  It's mostly water water but also contains things like salts and acids, urea as well as hormones and other byproducts of the cats bodily functions.  Cat urine is a way for the cats body to excrete chemicals and compounds as waste.  Cats and kittens are really good at concentrating their urine.  It goes back to the kind of animal they are where they came from.  Cats originated from desert environments and were able to adapt by making the most of the water they consume and concentrating their urine.  So cat pee smells.  A lot!  

Why regular cleaning wont get rid of the cat pee smell

I often see people asking on groups and chats about how to clean up cat pee accidents.  Other people will jump on and say use bicarb, use vinegar, lots of home remedy type replies.  Or the person asking will say we tried this household cleaner or we washed it with this washing powder.  Then always the same thing, it still smells.  Even worse is the cat keeps going back and peeing in the same spot.  These things wont work.  They will just make you more frustrated because you will be wasting time, effort and money without a proper solution.  

My genuine fear when I read this is the cat is in trouble.  The owner wont put up with this.  They need to find the right solution because the kitten or cat is going to be seen more and more negatively as this goes on.  

Regular cleaners only wash away some of the cat urine.  Other cleaners just try and mask the cat pee odor.  If its still there it still smells and it tells your cat or kitten to use the spot as a toilet again.  

What will get rid of the cat pee smell?

Products that eat it up.  No I am not kidding!  Enzymes and good bacteria that will get into the cat pee stain and break it down are what you need for that cat pee accident.  No cleanup, no cover up just break it down.  

Over the years I have tried a few.  They are not easy to get hold of and can be expensive but dealing with the cat pee stain correctly in the first place makes it well worth while to use the right product at the very start.

The good news is my new favorite cat pee smell product is actually easy to get and cheap if you are here in Australia.  Its called TRUEECO Dog and Cat Surface Cleaner.  It uses five powerful bio enzymes to break down and gobble up the cat pee smell.  It also works great as a spray for clean litter trays to help keep them fresher longer.  You can even use it on pet bedding, scratching posts and the floor to keep pet areas fresher longer. 

TRUECCO is a concentrate so it uses less plastic and is ORGANIC, ph neutral and palm oil free.Non toxic, non acidic and non caustic so its super safe to use as a cat urine cleaner around your pets.  

There is even a special offer where you can get a premade bottle of cleaner FREE with just $10 shipping.  Just follow the link below to  order the premade bottle worth $15.  Add the discount code CBSH when you check out and all you need to pay is the $10 shipping.  You can even add in a bottle of concentrate so you can make up your own refills at home. 

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Cat urine tips to clean up cat pee in your home

My cat peed on the bed

Not cool kitty.  It happens a lot and sometimes the cat or kitten has been shut in a room where they cant get to a tray or sometimes they are attracted to the smell of your bed or bedding.  Oh and the last reason is a statement pee.  Yes, sending you a message that they are not happy/you went away too long/you stayed home too long/just because they can.  They are cats.  Cats can be a mystery.

I really recommend all cat owners get waterproof backed mattress protectors.  We bought a really expensive king size bed when we moved to our current home.  And a $95 mattress protector.  You can get them way cheaper but it was so worth it the day Katie got trapped in the bedroom and peed in the middle of the brand new bed.  Not a drop on the mattress.  

But if you didn't get one and your cat or kitten has urinated on the bed then you need to get a towel and soak up as much as you can.  Apply pressure to try and get as much soaked up as you can.  Now you need the enzyme based pet cleaner like TRUEECO.  Saturate the urine stain. 

What you want is for the cleaner to touch every part of it including soaking down into the lower layers.  Push the trigger spray up to the mattress if you need to and spray it right in.  Once it is nice and soaked get a fresh towel or hand towel and wet it then squeeze it out so it is just damp.  Put it over the cat urine stain and leave it.  Keeping it a bit wet makes it work longer and better. 

Try and leave it 24 hours if you can (if you need to sleep in the bed put towels on top) then check it, smell it and reapply if you need to.  Fingers crossed the enzymes and good bacteria have done the job and gobbled up the stain.  

My cat peed on the carpet

Yikes.  Get a towel on to it ASAP and press down to soak up as much as you can.  You dont want it getting into the underlay.  Once you have soaked up as much as you can spray the area with an enzyme based pet cleaner like TRUEECO.  Just spray it a reasonable amount, dont saturate it as you dont want the pee to wash down into the underlay or the underlay to get wet and stains to come up from it. Leave it to go to work and then check it when it is dry to make sure there is no smell.  Do it again if there is.   Repeat treatments are better than soaking the carpet.  

My cat peed on my clothes

Give them a good wash with a good laundry detergent.  Cat pee washes out of clothes well if you do it as soon as you notice.  You can use a laundry booster and stain spray too.  

More about why cats pee on things 

Bedding - Cats are attracted to feather bedding as a place to pee.  So feather and down quilts, feather pillows etc will say to them this is a toilet.  I don't know why.  Its a cat thing.  Close the door or go to synthetic fills.

People smell - Cats are attracted to people body odor, especially male as something that says urinate here.  So this can mean if your bed sheets need washing or your mattress is a bit peopley they will pee on the bed. You can spray your entire mattress with an ezyme spray like TRUEECO to break down those body smells the same way it breaks down pet smells.  You can also buy a new mattress protector and wash your bedding more often or try a strip wash with washing soda and borax.  

Pee smells - Cats may pee on the bed if someone else has such as a child. It tells them its a place to go to the toilet.  They smell way better than us and can detect old pee smell.   Do the same as you would for a cat urine accident or spray the entire mattress with a product like TRUEECO as above.  

There is someone or something blocking access to the tray - It can be very subtle but another cat might just be blocking access to the litter tray.  This may be by hanging out in the doorway and staring at the more submissive cat.  They wont enter the room and will go off and pee somewhere else like in a quiet corner, wardrobe etc.  This also applies if something in the room is upsetting them.  If you use the laundry as the tray zone maybe they pee somewhere else if there is a load of washing on making a lot of noise.  What is the environment like?  Is the door to the bathroom where the tray is closed for showers or using the toilet.  

Peeing hurts - If you cat has a urinary infection, even if it is mild, peeing may hurt and therefore the tray becomes a place that causes pain.  So they will seek out somewhere else to go.  If left to long, aside from being sick, they will learn bad habits that might be hard to sort out later.  Vets visits are always a good idea if the reason for not using the tray is not really clear.