Our Boys

Our current breeding British Shorthair stud males.  These are the fathers of our litters of British Shorthair kittens.  

Gold Grand Champion

Cuddleton Sire Theodore

Black Bicolour British Shorthair (Teddy)

Teddy was our very first, home grown cinnamon carrying British Shorthair stud cat.  He is a big smoochy boy who likes to be carried like a baby and will flop down at your feet for a belly rub.  

Teddy is an older boy now and will soon be enjoying his retirement.  He has given us some wonderful British Shorthair kittens and his cinnamon genes have gone forward several generations now.  


Cuddleton British Shorthairs Ambritt Here Comes Ralphie

Silver ACF AOE, ACF National Champion, Supreme Champion & Double Gold Grand Champion

Ambritt Here Comes Ralphie

Blue British Shorthair (Ralphie)

Ralphie joined us as a kitten all the way from Queensland. He was bred by our good friends Julie and Aaron at Ambritt British Shorthairs and is a the brother of the famous Ambritt Hurricane Harry.

Ralphie is the best fun. He loves to smooch and smooch and smooch. We just love him. He is a super polite stud boy and a pleasure to take to shows.

He has won many Supreme exhibit awards at local shows and he has placed well at Nationals including finalling as best Group 3 Entire Cat in Show at the 2018 ACF National.

He gives us gorgeous British Shorthair kittens with fun personalities.


Cuddleton British Shorthairs Quido Honeypie


Quido Honey Pie (Imp CZ)

Cinnamon Bicolour British Shorthair (Quimby)

Quimby is a special boy.  He traveled all the way from his wonderful breeders home in the Czech Republic to Perth to join us.  He is a cinnamon and white bicolour and he has a really cheeky personality.  Quimby has a nice plush coat with that fabulous warm cinnamon colouring.  He has been to shows but he likes the ladies too much and pees a lot so now he stays home instead.  He is a social boy and lives with two friends.  His British Shorthair kittens have been delightful with a good mix of his mischievous nature and sweet attitude. We are very grateful to Misicka Mamicka from Honeypie Cattery for sending him to us.



British Shorthair Cuddleton Baron Herbert

Cuddleton Baron Herbert

Blue British Shorthair (Herbert)

Herbert is just wonderful.  He has a great personality, loves nothing better than to headbutt smooch us and the other cats and he knows how to work it on the show bench.  At only a year old he won all four Supreme Exhibit awards at the one show.  Go Herbert!  

He has not had any kittens yet but we do hope he passes on his good looks and special charm when he does.