Our Girls

Our current British Shorthair breeding queens.  These are the mothers of our litters of British Shorthair kittens.

Crystal Flames Yamaica

Crystal Flames Yamaica (IMP GER)

Cinnamon Tortie and White British Shorthair (Yammy)

Yamaica is a really special cat to us.  She was a gift to myself to help mend a broken heart after I lost a dear friend.  Yammy was the first cinnamon tortie and white British Shorthair cat in Australia and is one of only a handful of cinnamon British Shorthair breeding girls in the country.  

Yammy came to us from her wonderful breeder Karin from Crystal Flames Cattery in Germany.  She has the most sweet and gentle temperament.  She loves to play and hang out with the other cats.  Yammy has had wonderful kittens including two little mini Yammy girls.  We have kept her little duplicate baby Heidi as a show and breeding girl.  

Ambritt Tie Spent Together - Blue Bicolour British Shorthair

Ambritt Time Spent Together

Blue and White Bicolour British Shorthair (Josie) 

Josie is a goofball.  She loves to chase and play but is just not that graceful.  Her eye colour is amazing.  Really deep copper.  Josie is the granddaughter of our big boy Cuddleton Lord Wallace who used to live in Qld before he came bact to WA.  Josie comes to us from Julie and Aaron at Ambritt British Shorthairs.  She has had some super happy and super fun kittens.  We are really happy with them and their owners are too.    


Cuddleton Baroness Lucille

Cuddleton Baroness Lucille

Blue British Shorthair (Lulu) 

Lulu is naughty and willful and wonderful.  She has personality plus!  She is a compact girl who has a lot of love to give.  Her daddy is our Czech Quimby who is a cinnamon and white British Shorthair and that means Lulu carries the cinnamon gene.  So that makes her a little bit more special than she already is.  

Lulu has had some equally fun kittens who she just loved raising and cuddling (and wrestling).  We are really pleased with her.   



Our future British Shorthair breeding queens.  These girls have not yet had litters of British Shorthair kittens.  We have plans to have kittens from them in the next breeding season.

Cuddleton Princess Millicent

Cuddleton Princess Millicent

Lilac British Shorthair (Millie)

Millie is a very pretty and very sweet cat. She is fun and smoochie and loves the bandicoots that come to our back door.  Millie carries cinnamon from her dad Quimby which is great for our future plans.  She is still a youngster but we expect to have a litter with her in late 2019.   

Cuddleton Frau Heidi Cinnamon Tortie and White Bicolour British Shorthair

Cuddleton Frau Heidi

Cinnamon Tortie and White Bicolour British Shorthair (Heidi)

With a German mummy she just had to be a Frau.  Little Heidi is adorable.  She has a sweet gentle nature and a laid back style.  Her markings are so attractive and different.  Her mum was the only Cinnamon Tortie and White Bicolour British Shorthair in Australia until she and her sister were born.  We are hoping that either Heidi or her mum give us a Fawn Tortie and White Bicolour British Shorthair one day.  Fingers crossed.

Cuddleton Lady Celeste Fawn British Shorthair

Cuddleton Lady Celeste

Fawn British Shorthair (Celeste)

Celeste is just the cutest.  She came from a really fun litter of five kittens.  Her mum was our very friendly girl Cuddleton Princess Charlotte who carries cinnamon and her dad was our Czech boy Quimby who is cinnamon.  Her coat is a lovely colour.  It is like a latte which just happens to be my favourite type of coffee.  


Cuddleton Baroness AngelicaCuddleton Baroness Violetta

Cuddleton Baroness Angelica and Cuddleton Baroness Violetta

Blue British Shorthairs (Angel and Violet)  

These two cheeky girls are compact little puddings just like their half sister Lulu.  Sisters to our young boy Herbert they are really nice young ladies.  Both have been to shows but Violet enjoys it more than Angel so she is more the show girl.  Our colours are popular but we get asked for blue British Shorthairs the most so in spring we should see some in the litters from these two cuties.