We just adore hearing about our Cuddleton British Shorthair kittens and cats and how they are doing in their new homes. It is wonderful to see them all so grown up and loved.  It is so wonderful that the owners keep in touch.

Cindy and family

Owners of Cuddleton Lord Zero
Cuddleton British Shorthair cats and kittens

"I highly recommend Cuddleton if you are looking for a British Shorthair.  Zero is the most amazing cat, he lives with 3 other cats and now a 10 month old puppy. 
He spends most of his time crawling all over the kids or dog, he is so confident and loves everyone. I never let my kids crawl over animals, but with Zero, I have no choice, because If they aren't playing with him, he will find them and join in whatever they are doing.
When it's time for a new cat, Cuddleton will be my first choice"


Alecia and Family

Owner of Cuddleton Princess Annabelle (Tinkerbelle)
Cuddleton British Shorthair Cats and kittens  "Tinker bell has been with us for 6 months. She adapted very quickly to a family with 4 children and a dog (shepherd). Our dog and Tinkerbell both play together and sleep together. It's beautiful to watch. Tinkerbell is showered in love everyday, and vocally reminds us she's still here. She loves a good chat. She is calm, has a very gentle nature and loves a good belly rub. We love her to pieces.
Thank you Pamela for all your dedication in caring for and raising such beautiful and loving cats."

Trish and XXX

Owner of Cuddleton XXX (Oreo)
Cuddleton British Shorthair Cats and Kittens "Oreo is 15 weeks old now. He has been with us for one week and appears very settled. Oreo is testament to how well adjusted your babies are when they leave their first families. He is very explorative, playful ,quite smoochy and loves to rest in the oddest places and we love him!"


Alyssa and Dean

Owner of Cuddleton Lord Gideon (Giggsy)
Cuddleton British Shorthair Cats and Kittens "Almost 6 years on from when our little Cuddleton Lord Gideon (Giggsy) was dropped off to our home, I’m still able to contact Pamela with silly questions and updates. A truly amazing breeder who is so lovingly invested in her kittens futures. Wouldn’t hesitate to get another baby from her at all!"



Owner of Cuddleton Lord XXX (Percy)
Cuddleton British Shorthairs

"Percy pickle my podgy smoochey 12 year old boy. He’s much loved and gives me so much back. Loves lying on his back and loves a tummy rub."


Chelsea and Family

Owners of Cuddleton Frau Chriselda (Possum)
Cudleton British Shorthair Cats and Kittens "Here is Cuddleton Frau Chriselda (Possum) the most friendly and easygoing cat! She has settled in beautifully with our other cats and children and just adores us all!"


The Gatti Family

Owners of Cuddleton Miss Chelsea ( Chelsea)
Cuddleton British Shorthair Cats and Kittens
 "A few photos of our beautiful Chelsea. She has grown so much in 5 weeks. She is quite tubby and is the most adorable kitten. We love her so much. She has such a lovely nature and is very affectionate, she even sleeps on my lap when she's having a really cuddly moment and there are lots of those.

She's very funny to watch as she plays and the simplest things become great toys. You can never read the morning paper as she just sits on it. Annoying but cute. She is also very smart. We gave her a small empty tissue box and will hide her mouse or ball in it. She actually will get the mouse etc out of the box, play with it for a while and then actually bring the toy back in her mouth and put it back in the tissue box. Very clever."


Liz & Mark

Owners of Cuddleton Lady Daphne (Daphne)
Cuddleton British Shorthair Cats and Kittens "I know I've said it before but we really couldn't have asked for a better kitten. She's perfect - uses her litter tray, uses her scratching post, plays with her toys, let's you stroke, tickle and pet her, she even let's you flick the 'sleep' from her eye without moaning. And you were right Pamela, she absolutely loves straws and boxes!
Thank you so much.  Liz, Mark (and Daphne)"


The Tindale Family

Owners of Cuddleton Lord Bailey (Bailey)
Cuddleton British Shorthair cats and kittens

"Bailey is doing well. He is a really big boy. I am sure he thinks that he is a dog though from the way he acts sometimes."


The Stevenson Family

Owners of Cuddleton Sir Charles (Charlie)
Cuddleton British Shorthair cats and kittens "Charlie is getting massive now and does not have owners he has staff. We think he looks really like his Mum Suzy."


The Osborne Family

Owners of Cuddleton Lord Leroy (Leroy)
Cuddleton British Shorthair Cats and Kittens "Attached are some photos of Leroy taken in December he is a beautiful boy.  We have come to the conclusion that Leroy is going to be a very big boy! He certainly suits his name."


Elizabeth and Grant

Owners of Cuddleton Lady Stephanie (Diva)
Cuddleton British Shorthair Cats and Kittens "Just thought I'd send you some pics of Diva. She is doing very well and is getting quite big now! But she's still cute as ever. The other day she was even fetching a ball for Grant. He threw it for her and eight times in a row she brought it back to him and dropped it at his feet for him to do it again. It was amazing! She is a very intelligent cat.
She loves lying about on her back exposing her belly for pats. In fact she likes belly rubs the best. I thought cats were nervous about exposing their soft underbelly but not her! Everyone loves Diva. Even my non cat loving friends think she is beautiful. It's quite funny."



Owner of Cuddleton Lord Samuel (Samuel)
Cuddleton British Shorthair Cats and Kittens "Samuel has settled in so well. He is such a gorgous boy! We love him dearly. Even Miranda loves him! She chased him around for the first couple of days then he took a swipe at her and they have been best friends since. She licks his ears for him. He is such a clean cat, not once has he missed his litter tray."


Chris, Steve and Sally 

Owners of Cuddleton Lord George (George) and Cuddleton Lord Jacques (Jock)
Cuddleton British Shorthairs "Hi Pamela - the boys are fantastic - they are so funny and a bundle of trouble. George has really bonded with Steve. They seem to have a great connection. Jock is smaller & in general quieter but doesn't hesitate to "give back" when they get going at the rough house play. They play, play. play & drop but every night around about 9.00pm they come to life & go "berserk"."



Owner of Cuddleton Lady Dorothy (Dottie)
Cuddleton British Shorthairs Dottie is "a very big smoocher in the morning. Walking all over me and even sitting on my chest purring away until I get up. She’s my own little personal alarm clock. Almost 5am on the dot every morning. She also loves helping me make the bed. She thinks its great fun running under the blankets when I’m trying to tuck them in."

Rachel and Stu

Owners of Cuddleton Mister Bono (Bono)
Cuddleton British Shorthair Cats and Kittens "Bono is a beautiful cuddly boy from Cuddleton Cattery and we absolutely love him. While Bono is certainly mischievous at times, he has the most gentle nature I've ever come across in a cat - he's very responsive to us and LOVES his cuddles!! We picked Bono up from Cuddleton when he was just 12 weeks old. Pamela and Damien had done all the hard work - he was neutered / microchipped / vaccinated / house trained (not once has Bono ever had an 'accident' around the house) and perhaps most importantly, he was socialised - from day one, Bono fell into the routine of a new home and new owners... making the transition from Cuddleton to his new home with us seem so easy.
Bono brings a lot of joy and entertainment into our home, and even our friends who prefer dogs to cats love Bono - probably because he fetches a ball like a dog! He's a big fluff ball of grey, and we love him."



Owner of Cuddleton Lady Issabella (Casper)
Cuddleton British Shorthair cats and kittens "Just sent you a lovely photo of Casper making herself very at home. She is great fun and has all her favourite relaxing spots, also she is not so timid now with visitors.  She loves chasing flies and balls and makes some very high leaps to catch them."