Cutie Fruity Cat Cave

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Cutie Fruity Cat Cave - A cosy, soft and foldable pet bed in a range of sizes for your cat or kitten

How adorable are these kitty cat cubby caves. Our beautiful girl Yamaica just loves curling up in her red strawberry kitty cave.  They are lightweight but cosy with a removable base that you can pull out to vacuum or wash on it's own.  The whole cat cave can be washed and they are light weight so pop them back into shape and they dry pretty quickly.  You can go for traditional strawberry cuteness or berrylicious blue, maybe purple takes your fancy or pink for a little girl cat.  There is also a leopard print for those cats with a wild side, grrrrrrrrrr!

The Cutie Fruity Cat Caves are washable and hand washing is recommended.  I have put mine in the washing machine and it survived okay but I think a hand wash in the laundry sink would see it looking nicer for longer.  The base pops right out and I like to run it over with the vacuum as it gets a bit furry.  

***Our Cutie Fruity Cat Caves are sent direct from China with free shipping.  Expect them to arrive in 30-50 days after ordering.