Hanging Window Cat Bed - A sunny spot for your kitty to watch the world go by

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This hammock style window bed will have your kitty cats relaxing in style.  It is great for them to get some warm sun and to watch what is happening outside.  I know our home has very narrow window sills so this is great to let them lay down and look out.  It holds up to 20kg so should fit up to two fatty cats.  It is very easy to put together and surprisingly strong given it is made of plastic.  The suction cups hold the bed in place.  You just need to make them damp before you press them on.  If they are a bit hard soften them in warm water.  The cover is an easy clean fabric that you can remove to wash and you can add a blankie for comfort.  
The size is 55cm x 35cm so make sure it will fit the width of your window when you order.   
***Our cats window beds are sent direct from China with free shipping.  Expect them to arrive in 20-30 days after ordering.