Kitten Containment Cage - Lightweight and easy to put up, pack away and store

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This is a great product for breeders.  If you are looking to give your kittens some more space once they start to toddle but you want them contained while they learn to use the litter this set of panels is ideal.  It can be configured in a few different ways and comes in a 12, 16 or 18 piece set. 

There is room for a litter tray, bed and toys plus it has a top cover so no adventurous kittens climbing out.  The sides are made of plastic sheeting so light gets in but again, less climbing. The gate could also be put on top to let mum in and out on her own.

Depending on where you locate it,cleaning can be as simple as moving it aside, cleaning the floor and moving it back. It can be packed up between litters and wont take up as much space as a large cage.  

You can buy more sets and go two story or even make a corner shape.  It can be configured to fit into wherever you have space.

Material: Plastic
Color: White
Transparent Fence Size: approx. 35x45cm
White Wire Fence Size: approx. 35x35cm
Door Frame Size: approx. 35x45cm

 ***Kitten Containment Cages are sent direct from China with free shipping.  Expect them to arrive in 30-60 days after ordering.