Round Cat & Kitten Hammock Pet Bed

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Round Cat & Kitten Hammock Pet Bed - Approved by Pinkie, this round hammock bed is cute and practical

Our British Shorthairs just love a good hammock bed.  They prefer to snooze in a hammock over a fluffy, soft bed any day of the week.  

This cute round bed is great as it is very light and easy to move around and has a breathable and removable cover that is easy to clean.  You cat or kitten will get the hammock style bed they love but it doesn't have to be attached to anything or take up a lot of room like dog hammock beds do.  

There are three super sweet colours, pink, blue and yellow.  Pinkie loves the blue one.  She says it matches her pretty lilac coat.  

The bed is very easy to assemble.  It comes in a large, flat box and will only take minutes to set it up.  It has fun springs with fluffy balls on them.  Our cats do bat them about but they love sleeping in it more than playing with them!

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