The Ultimate Cat Gym

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The Ultimate Cat Gym - So light and simple but so much fun for your cat or kitten

This is one of my all time favorite cat things. Years ago I bought an earlier version of this kitty play gym on a trip to Florida.  I bought it all the way home to Australia in the box in my suitcase.  I put it together, which was an easy task, and my cats loved it.  They still love it today.  I have more cats than most (blush) and they have given it a real workout, hanging off it, climbing on it, sleeping in it and scrambling up it.  It looks shabby now so I relegated it to the cattery and searched high and low for a replacement.  I bought some very expensive and fancy ones from the states that broke within weeks.  Grrr.  

So imagine my delight when I sourced this one, almost identical to my old kitty gym and with the added bonus of more dangles.  I thought I would try it but was prepared to be disappointing again.  No need!  Its awesome.  Sure it's bright yellow but it is also easy to assemble, super light to move for cleaning, easy to wash and dry the cubby sections and you can pack it up if you need to then get it out again later.   

The cats and kittens love it as you can see in the videos.  Our baby kittens are all over it and even some of our oldest cats love to get in or on it.  It is fine with their bulky size butts.  I feel like it is going to last as well as my old version.  With six months heavy use it still looks new.  The cubby has been soaked a few times due to baby kitten accidents and it was a dream to clean.

So I would recommend this for cat owners and breeders alike as a great item that your cats will love and you will too.  

***Our kitty gyms are sent direct from China with free shipping.  Expect them to arrive in a month or so after ordering.