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Breeding Gorgeous Cats and Kittens in Perth, Western Australia

Welcome to Cuddleton British Shorthairs

It all comes down to love

If there is just one word to describe how I feel about our cats and kittens it’s devoted. I adore them and it shows in the quality and temperament of my kittens. As a small, hobby breeder of British Shorthair cats & kittens I breed to produce show stopping British Shorthairs. I also breed with a focus on pet cats and kittens that will be happy and loved by caring owners. To me that is priceless.

A note about the photos on my website….

My photos and videos are not posed, styled or filtered. They show my cats where and how they live. It’s really important to me that you see them as they are so you can tell they are loved, cared for and see the environment in which I keep them. If you are looking to adopt a new kitten keep this in mind as you browse websites and look at photos.
One easy way to tell if someone selling a kitten is likely to be genuine is that the photos they share have common elements and show similar background environments over time.

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Find out why they are so special…

My Boys

Meet my lovely British Shorthair stud cat boys. These are the daddy cats of my British Shorthair kittens.

My Girls

My beautiful British Shorthair breeding queens. These are the wonderful female cats who raise my British Shorthair kittens with love.

My Kittens

Everything you need to know about adopting one of my British Shorthair kittens plus a sign up form for my kitten update list.

Retired Cats

Here you will meet some of my other British Shorthair desexed pet cats.

Coming Soon

Articles and Information

I have lots of information to share with you about all this cats and kittens.

Happy Memories

Beautiful cats and kittens that we have loved dearly but are sadly no longer with us.

A Great Partnership

I consider myself extremely lucky to have been asked to be an Ambassador for Royal Canin. This is an invite only position and is a reflection on my cats performance at shows, my commitment to the health and welfare of the cats I own & breed and really, my devotion to a brand that has been by my side for almost as long as I have been breeding and exhibiting.

Royal Canin Ambassador

Affiliated with Cats United WA

Cats United WA is the newest and I feel the best cat association in Western Australia. It is such a helpful and friendly group of cat breeders, exhibitors and cat lovers. Together with their clubs they have fun and fabulous cat shows. If you want to find out more about them and upcoming cat shows visit the website. There is also a Facebook page with lots of news.


What our owners say….

Almost six years on, I’m still able to contact Pamela with silly questions and updates. A truly amazing breeder who is so lovingly invested in her kittens futures. Wouldn’t hesitate to get another baby from her at all!”


“I highly recommend Cuddleton if you are looking for a British Shorthair. Zero is the most amazing cat, he lives with 3 other cats and now a 10 month old puppy.
He spends most of his time crawling all over the kids or dog, he is so confident and loves everyone. I never let my kids crawl over animals, but with Zero, I have no choice, because If they aren’t playing with him, he will find them and join in whatever they are doing.
When it’s time for a new cat, Cuddleton will be my first choice”